Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bsi 1,290.41 -9.11 -.07%

Little activity as the first week of August looks more like the calm before the coming political storm.


Tyler Perry (TPS) 94.41 +7.67 +8.12%

There's little doubt among analysts that Perry benefits from Hollywood's myopic, "Highlander" approach to black talent -- "There can be only one".  

Six in one hand...

Half a dozen in the other.

Right now, Perry is on top, and this week his abisamal "House of Payne" celebrated 100 episodes of lowering the expectations of the black viewing audience.  Congratulations.

To be fair, at least "House of Payne" isn't THIS bad...


Kwame Kilpatrick (KWK) 4.28 -1.33 -23.7%

We thought months ago that it couldn't get any worse.  We were wrong.  Don't sleep on Kilpatrick yet, however, as there are speculators who feel that all the piling on could result in a Marion Barry-like turn around for the Detroit mayor.

That's right bitches... mayor for life!