Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bsi 1,229.83 +50.11 +4.07%

The historic nature of events in Denver drive the Index upwards.


New American Family Values

Between Michelle Obama's speech and recent news that whites will make up less than fifty percent of the American population eight years sooner than projected -- now's as good a time as any to accept that American family can look like this...

...just as easily as it can look like this.

The Black List

After being disappointed by CNN's "Black in America" analysts were skeptical about HBO's "The Black List". However, the program defied expectations.


The Invisible Hand

Well, at least for today, as early reports indicated a strong disapproval of an AP story on this guy...

...an Obama "look-alike" who is in Denver for the convention. The market corrected itself, however, after belatedly realizing that if America is ready to have the nation's first black President, perhaps Black America shouldn't be quite so knee-jerk sensitive to the idea that some black people may look like other black people.

History indicates the overreaction may have stemmed from the repeated occasions Invisible Hand has been mistaken for famous African-Americans.

You know who you look like?

Hey, aren't you?