Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bsi 1,760.35 +22.83 +1.3%

A bold decision from President-Elect Barack Obama leads to the market's largest one-day percentage gain of the month.

The Left not wanting him to sit down with Warren is really no different than the Right not wanting him to talk with Iran.

Obama has and will continue to take heat for picking Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at January's inauguration.  While it may peeve his base in the short-term, analysts here see it as a wise move if he's to become the kind of uniting figure he promised he'd be.


Lena Horne 10.5 +1.4 +13.33

Not dead, people.  Not dead.

What did she ever do to you EW?

Analysts here love blogger Undercoverblackman's "Misidentified black person" bit.  This, though, takes the cake.


Mozilla Blackbird  .32 -.53 -62.35%

Although still only released in beta, the idea that there needs to be a search engine that caters specifically to the African-American community seems unnecessary and laughable to the point of sounding like something out of a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch (but, you know... funny).

Stop me before I unleash a whole slew of bad search engine query result jokes.

Isn't there already a name for destinations specifically designed for African-Americans?

Harlem.  South Side Chicago.  East St. Louis.  South Los Angeles.  Blackbird???