Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bsi 1,974.7 +9.67 +.49%

Maybe it's the economy.  Perhaps its the collapse of opportunity in the banking and financial industries.  But whatever the reason the Index is boosted by news that 25% of African-American seniors at Harvard applied to Teach For America, the non-profit that trains teachers and then places them in urban schools.

Perhaps something positive could come out of this whole economic downturn.


The Black Pack (DCBP) 3.31 +3.31 NA

At least that's how ten young black Washington insiders have been dubbed by  While we're hesitant to fall back into the whole talented tenth debate -- we're certain the exposure will only help the careers of those named.


The Black Community and The Cops  (AACC) 2.73 -1.02 -27.2%

Ridiculousness on both ends of the spectrum.  From Oakland "protesters" supporting a cop killer to Dallas police harassing NFL player Ryan Moats as he attempts to visit his dying mother in law. 

The trust just isn't there.