Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bsi 1982.4 +20 +1.01%

If President Obama is right and the G20 Summit ends up being a true economic turning point then this bump in the Index is just the beginning.


Michael Vick (MV7) 3.49 +.88 +25.21%

Yes, he's bankrupt. Yes, he's currently serving a 23 month prison sentence. Still, Vick ends up in the winners column for finding a job with a criminal record, even in this tough environment.

God knows there are other, less fortunate, brothers getting out who'd just love to know how he pulled that one off.


King Magazine (KMAG) 0.00 -.91 -100%

Yes, there are those who would say that filing King Magazine -- the "Illest Men's Magazine Ever" -- under losers is redundant, but this has nothing to do with "editorial" content. Rather, the black men's magazine has been crushed beneath the wheels of the financial downturn and will hence be no more.
Time to invest in Smooth magazine, I guess.

Where do we go to now for our three page Buffy the Body fold-outs?

An anxious readership awaits word.