Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bsi 2,036.78 +17.55 +.86%

Traditionally when black leaders call their people out on disturbing behavior it's a message confined to the community.  Particularly when these words are spoken at an NAACP event.  However, when that leader also happens to be the leader of the Free World -- well, let's just say that gets people talking.

We've been here before.  During the campaign Obama was criticized for taking on problems in the black community in a public forum.  We here at the Index though are taking the less cynical approach, for the moment, and take the president's latest comments as genuine concern from an African-American with a pulpit rather than a political gambit (fingers crossed).


Interracial Lovin' (BWL) 9.28 +4.36 +46.98%

Ladies and gentlemen a major, national commercials the explicitly features an black male and white female couple (with baby in tow so there's NO mistaking the nature of their relationship).  There's only one word for that: OBAMA!


Black Hollywood (BHWD) 5.31 -1.39 -20.75%

With the passing of writer Judi Ann Mason black Hollywood lost a true trailblazer.