Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bsi 2,075.41 +7 +.34%

Mike Vick and Donovan McNabb together at last -- bet Rush Limbaugh would have something to say about that.


Mike Vick (MV7) 5.56 +1.45 +26.08%

We don't know if this is a good decision for the Eagles, but Vick's got a job. All the strum und drang over the signing we hope will turn into the beginning of a dialogue about our country's unrealistic and overly punitive relationship with ex-felons.

We don't want to hear shit from anybody who has an R. Kelly album that's for sure.

LOSERS (MTO) .67 -.24 -26.37%

Enough of the gay baiting from the Drudge Report of black gossip. From the latest Beyonce headlines to their constant down low assertions -- trust us MTO, the homophobia is getting old.