Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bsi 2,053.13 +6.73 +.33%

The closer we get to realizing that the election of Barack Obama was more about him as a candidate than him being an African-American, the better. And it's clear, in the wake of a couple recent elections, that the Washington Post isn't there yet...

Eighteen months after Barack Obama's presidential win seemed to usher in a new era in racial politics, a different reality has emerged: Black candidates in races around the country are struggling so much that the number of African Americans in major statewide offices is likely to drop from the already paltry three.

...And once again, Ta-Nehisi Coates is way ahead of us.
It's worth noting that the "racist black voter" meme works two ways--when blacks didn't support Obama early on, they were practicing an insidious intra-racism in which the labeled Obama "not black enough." When blacks swung his way in major numbers, they were blank-mindedly supporting him because, lo and behold, he was black, That black folks, a group who were summarily deprived of voting rights for much of their time in this country, might actually vote on issues is inconceivable. Or here's a more pedestrian notion--human beings want a champion who think can win.


Henrietta Lacks (HLKS) 6.86 +1.43 +20.85%

A woman whose story is finally being told gets a headstone on her previously unmarked grave.


Major League Baseball (MLB) 17.63 -4.53 -20.44%

Baseball loses one of its greats, and perhaps one of the last big African-American players.