Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bsi 1996.46 -18.43 -.91%

If one-in-five Americans still believe Barack Obama is a Muslim I think we know the over/under on percentage of hopeless idiots in the country, too.



Antoine Dodson (TWAND) 1.39 +1.39 NA

As uncomfortable as we are with certain aspects of this meme we have to say that there hasn't been a catchier single this year. And we're not alone in thinking that as Mr. Dodson checked in with a Top 100 Single this week. We don't know if that says more about the power of the Internet or the state of the music business.

With Wezzy locked up someone had to take over, right?


Antonio Cromartie (AC31) .39 -1.01 -72.41%

Let's just say he didn't come off as Dad of the Year on the HBO series "Hard Knocks."