Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bsi 1,410.99 +14.92 +1.06%

The market responds to Obama's more aggressive tone.


Lance Reddick (LTDAN) 12.36 +3.11 +25.16%

With roles on "Lost" and "Fringe", Mr. Reddick seems to be making out the best of all the actors from the talented troupe that comprised 'The Wire'.

Don't forget the Caddy...


Reginald Hudlin (HSPTY) 31.76 -4.27 -11.85%

While BET has branched out beyond the music videos and infomercials that characterized the network in the years before he arrived, it's safe to say that Mr. Hudlin's three year tenure didn't meet expectations, what with no break out hits and a production slate that in depth and quantity harkens back to a pre-millennial cable universe.

Do I hear 'House Party 5'?