Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bsi 1,346.03 -6.48 -.48%

With less than forty days until the election the market pauses to catch its breath.


ATLANTA (ATL) 32.31 +4.29 +13.28%

Gas crisis aside, this charming town has food, history and black folk of all hues and backgrounds. A place worth visiting more often.

"I tell you men, in about 150 years black people are going to LOVE this place. Dirty, dirty!"


The New York Knicks (NYKN) 12.65 -3.25 -20.44%

One of the world's most venerated franchises has turned from contender to punchline and this week things only got worse as word came down that underachieving guard Stephon Marbury is refusing a buy-out and instead wants his the entire $21 mil. the team owes him.

"What?! My shoes retail for $15, I got a jet and gas is expensive!"