Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Bsi 1,436.76 +17.56 +1.22%

The Market ends on an up-tick pushed by the jobs report (the NFL is back, baby) and the end of our week-long national nightmare (the Republican National Convention).


Black Barbers (BBAR) 21.64 +13.47 +135.13%

High top fade. It's back. Graphics in the fade. Yep, that too.

The high-top fade is back! Yeah, I'm looking at you.
As the intricate cuts make their way back into the mainstream expect barbers to once again be able to charge top dollar.

Time to break out the chart again.

Analysts are bullish, to say the least.


Black Republicans (BGOP) .42 -.26 -38.24%

God knows black folk are conservative. And smaller government, balanced budgets, fiscal and personal responsibility are all valid arguments. Then why is it analysts here are so uncomfortable with Republicans?

Oh... that's why.

Analysts see that there's just too much irony and pandering involved to have confidence in this holding. It's as though Black Republicans have to be EXTRA Republican to be invited to the party. The Market has always taken kindly to individuality and places a premium on independent thinkers -- however, some associations just don't add up.

Little primer on country music: if they wear a cowboy hat, they probably suck.