Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bsi 1,318.31 -49.51 -3.62

It's getting ugly out there people.

Who looks for a job in the newspaper anymore?


Black American's Collective Comprehension of Satire (BACCS)    5.67 +.65 +11.46%

Backdoor gains after making it onto the losers column on July, 18 brought about by another group's not understanding metaphor, as advocates for the blind protest the new movie "Blindness"... you know, the one based on the Nobel prize winning allegory.
"The National Federation of the Blind condemns and deplores this film, which will do substantial harm to the blind of America and the world. Blind people in this film are portrayed as incompetent, filthy, vicious, and depraved. They are unable to do even the simplest things like dressing, bathing, and finding the bathroom. The truth is that blind people regularly do all of the same things that sighted people do."
Perhaps this is because the characters in the book/movie aren't blind, but are rather, suddenly struck with blindness.  Despite the title, it has nothing to do with THE BLIND.  It's good to know we're not the only people who sometimes don't get it.

Yeah, we talking about you, Jesse!


Black Period Pieces  (BPP) 9.24 -2.56 -21.69

It seems there are three types of black films being made today.  Tyler Perry movies, Gangsta/Hood movies, and feel good period pieces (anything set in the past with overt racism and/or a Motown soundtrack).

Love football.  Love Ernie Davis.  But I would still like to see a movie deal with contemporary issues of race.

I'm sorry, I should have made myself clear.  One that ISN'T god-awful.

The limits on the first two "genres" are clear, but BPP does just as little to tell the story of the 30 million different ways there are to be black in America.  In addition, these movies seem to make racism, institutional or otherwise, seem like a relic of the past.  If the ugly tone the election took this week is any indication, that's anything but the case.

Like I said, it's getting ugly out there.