Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bsi 1,430.01 +36.71 +2.57%

Despite losses (Rudy Ray Moore), the Index gains ground behind an important endorsement.

Now there are those who say that Powell's endorsement is coming down along racial lines.  Funny, they never say that when someone white endorses John McCain.  And if you're looking for racialized politics...

This, clearly, was a set up.  Analysts here believe in freedom of speech and association and all that good stuff.  We don't shout down black Republicans and conservatives just because of their party affiliations.  We're even moderately uncomfortable with the fact that 88% of African-Americans voted Democrat in the last Presidential election because of host of consequences it creates.
Van Damm... it's hard to be a free thinking black voter.

But then you look at the other party.  The guys that now propose all these black people are voting Obama... not Democrat (again... 88% last election).  What they're really saying is too many black voters are registering and that math doesn't tip in their favor.  And they're scared of losing.  So they're trying to scare the public at large...

Making this campaign much more about race and identity than it ever needed to be.  That is why we can't support them.  Even if you believe in small government or low taxes or what have you.

C'mon, girl... you know better.

This, of course, means black are, in a way, given fewer choices at the ballot box.  But what else is new.  The good news, is that we're not alone.

Yeah, Log Cabin Republicans, I'm calling you out.