Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bsi 1,393.3 +53.8 +3.86% has Barack Obama's odds at winning the Presidency at 94.7%.  Still, no one here is celebrating... not yet, at least.

Yeah... let's just hold off on calling this one yet.


David Alan Grier (DAG) 6.24 +1.09 +17.47%

Analysts here have always thought DAG was a talent.  And while neither "Chappelle" or "The Daily Show" -- the two programs Chocolate News will no doubt be compared to -- the news magazine format offers plenty of promise.

D.L. Hughley (DLH) 7.48 +.93 +17.47%

There's debate as to whether or not Hughley has ever found the right vehicle to showcase his talent.  Now he'll get a chance on CNN as he's been tapped to host a "Daily Show" like comedy program.

So, what?... Was there a run on black hosts for comedy news shows that we didn't know about?


Cable News Network  (CNN) 4.51 -.87 -16.17%

Why are they producing a comedy news program?  They should just do what they do and leave the comedy to Fox.