Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bsi 1,834.14 +8.79 +.48%

With the election behind us the Index expects to stabilize after months of volatility.


Black Hollywood (BHWD) 8.91 +1.65 +18.52%

A lot has been made this week of the "Bradley Effect" and whether it extends to the box office.  Whether or not that's the case has yet to be determined and still every movie with more than two black people in it is treated as a referedum on wheather or not to make any more of them.  However, the Internet is changing the face of distribution and access -- and it won't be long before it changes the expectations of what appears on the big screen.

Can you imagine a network giving this the green light?  Neither could I.

Analysts here figure it won't be long before a wide array of black written and produced material is readily available outside of the bootleg DVD market.


The Creative Integrity of The Smiths  (CIFP) 1.23 -.78 -38.81%

No, not Marr and Morrisey, but Will, Jada and their son Jayden.  The three parties who, in part, will be responsible for the ruining of yet another classic, this time "The Karate Kid".

Why Jayden-san, why?

We're sure they'll make a mint from the movie and probably, in time, the movie going audience will be the real losers.
Just don't fuck with Ferris Beuller, okay?