Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

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While followers of this Index could look at the fact that John McCain beat President-Elect Barack Obama by a sound 12 points for the white vote in last week's election, analysts here choose the see the class half full, and note how it's the increasing strength of the black and Hispanic vote that put him into office.

Of course, as this piece points out, no Democratic candidate since Lyndon Johnson has won the majority of the white vote -- something some see as a sort of punishment levied on the party for LBJ's support of the Civil Rights Legislation of the mid-1960's.

What?  You didn't think we'd vote for the black guy, did you?

And while talk show hosts on the right like to cite Obama's win as proof of the end of racism, here we look at it more as a sign of racism's weakening grip on the country -- as evidenced by the way younger people view and address issues of race.