Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bsi 1,453.76 +13.51 +.93%

Another day of gains as analysts see the GOP post-convention bounce all but disappear.

Gerard Phelan... Sarah Palin... close enough.  Bombs away.


The Existence of White Privilege (EWP) 17.82 +3.16 +17.73

EWP sees its biggest gains since the election of George W. Bush in 2000 after professional contrarian John Stossel sparked an Internet meme.

Of course Stossel, in over six hundred words, missed a critical point Chris Rock was able to make in just a paragraph.
"But let's keep it fucking real, OK?  A black C student can't run no fucking company.  A black C student can't even be the manager of Burger King.  Meanwhile, a white C student just happens to be president of the United States of America!"


Josh Howard  (JH5) 9.28 -3.31 -26.35%

Howard's indifference to the national anthem has been all over the Internet this week (and both he and his owner, Mark Cuban, have had to endure the disproportionate and sometimes ugly outrage).  But the bad news for the NBA star inadvertently helped boost the stock of our weekly winner by drawing into juxtaposition the reactions between black words and white actions.

Black basketball player doesn't honor the national anthem = Traitor

White Vice Presidential candidate and husband associate with successionist movement = Misunderstood.

BET  (BET) 21.47 -7.82 -26.7%

It's been a bad couple of weeks for Black Entertainment Television.  First Reginald Hudlin, brought in to bring the network up to the standard of its cable television competition, leaves with his mission unfulfilled.  Then it premieres the first scripted show in the network's three decade history to little fanfare (the ambitious Somebodies.  A show with potential, but missing a professional touch).  Then, this week, their news department gives R. Kelly -- child molester -- a hero's welcome in a magazine piece.

I'm sorry, did you just say 'Ali'?  As in, Muhammad Ali?

The network could stand to take their own advice and say to itself, 'We got to do Better."